The Secret Life of Samara

Jun 09

What’s making me laugh?

My sister in law showed me a website the other night called "Cake Wrecks". It is a hilarious collection of cakes that just didn’t quite turn out how they were meant to. I’ve collected a few from the site- check the site out for more hilarious pictures. 

Apparently the cake above was printed using a program which takes the writing from the computer and types it straight onto the edible icing. This one malfunctioned clearly…

A customer apparently asked for a cake to be made in the shape of this logo. This is how it turned out…

Not quite as they had imagined, I assume.

I feel so sad for this girl…all she wanted was sprinkles and she got roses instead.

I love that they didn’t even spell ‘underneath’ correctly.

Makes you extra cautious when ordering a cake, doesn’t it? 



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Jun 08

Trying something different…

Recently I went to a Japanese restaurant with Joel and his family. I was pretty pumped in the lead up to it until I remembered (on the day) that Japanese cuisine is focused around seafood…raw seafood. Now, I like to think I am open minded, worldly, a lover of other cultures, blah blah blah, however eating a raw animal is where I draw the line. Ick!

So, off we trundled to this restaurant, slightly excited and slightly scared that I’d be eating rice for the night. As soon as we arrived I dived straight into the menu, looking for something that looked vaguely edible (and cooked). I let out a huge sigh of relief when I came across menu items 61-68. Chicken. Beef. Pork. Phew!

I decided to order the most Westernised items I could find- Teriyaki Chicken Sushi rolls and Yakiniku Beef. I did quietly congratulate myself for not going straight for the safe option and choosing a Teriyaki Chicken Sushi entree AND Teriyaki Chicken main meal. Well done Samara! I was pretty pumped with my choices too- delicious and 100% edible.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was a) I am not as cultural as I like to think I am and b) I really enjoyed this Japanese restaurant and will return to try the rest of their Westernised Japanese meals. I won’t let anyone know my meal choice however and lead them to believe I ate raw puffer fish topped with a generous serving of wasabe. Hard core, yo!

We also had a slightly embarrassing end to the meal where I was the only greedy pig who wanted dessert (I had in fact chosen my dessert before my main). To avoid any embarrassment and tears on my behalf, we stopped in at the servo on the way home and Joel bought me a Bubble O Bill. Perfect end to a wonderful night :-)



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Jun 07

I have a problem…

I have a problem with eating too much chocolate. My brain actually doesn’t tell me to stop. Seriously, it doesn’t.

It has become a constant source of amusement in our house that any chocolate that enters through our doors needs to be hidden before I get my grubby hands on it. My brain just doesn’t understand the concept of savouring chocolate or sharing it. I think I have developed this problem as a result of having two brothers growing up who had the mentality “first in best dressed” with everything. It’s a survival tactic.

How does this effect poor Joel? Well, it took him awhile to cotton on to my tactics. When we first got married, I bought him some rocky road chocolate. It sat in our fridge for 2-3 months when I decided to take action. Over the space of a month, I took out one chocolate at a time, ensuring the paper bag was ‘puffed up’ to look full. When I removed the last chocolate from the bag, I threw the bag away so all evidence was destroyed. I’m pretty sure it was another month or so until he noticed they were gone. Apparently I still owe him another bag- I claim he must not have wanted it to leave it for that long.

Anyway, Joel has worked out my thieving ways and now hides all his, our and even my chocolate and then ‘rations’ it out to me. I have managed to find many of his hiding spots, which include in folders, in random bags, in random drawers and even behind the DVDs in our cabinet (technically my mum found it- imagine trying to explain that one!).

Unfortunately he did not hide this box soon enough. I was recently given a box of chocolates for reaching a dead line early at work. Pretty generous sizing, hey?

It didn’t help that Ferrero Rochers are one of my favourite chocolates that I only get once a year from my Grandma at Christmas time (and last Christmas she made me share them with Joel. That didn’t go down well). Anyway, this was it at 2:30 in the afternoon.

This was it by 3:30…

Thankfully, my work mates encouraged me to tape the box up so I could not eat any more before the end of the day. I had expressed a desire to share some with Joel (wifey brownie points?) and was also already starting to groan about how ill I was feeling from chocolate overdose.

The chocolates made it home, however it was a short stay. Two days later, it looked like this. I’m impressed they even lasted two days.

Now, right now, I bet everyone is feeling sorry for poor Joel, having to put up with such a greedy wife. But don’t feel too bad. First of all, he’s 6”8 and totally able to defend himself. Secondly, he manages to put up a good fight in this Battle of the Chocolate.

I was driving home from work the other day, thinking about the box of Lindt chocolates we had at home and how I was going to finish them all before Joel got home (admittedly, I am a bit ashamed about this…just don’t look to me for marriage advice). Anyway, I walked in the door, went straight to the chocolates and look what I found. 

*Gasp* He had beaten me to it! I did laugh at bit, he had beaten me at my own game!

I have tried to work on this problem, however any improvements are short lived. And I secretly enjoy this little game Joel and I have got going on.

I would like to take this time to thank my friends who have been feeding my chocolate addiction while Joel and I are on a budget. Your boxes and blocks of chocolate directly given to me or sneakily left at my house have not gone unnoticed and are genuinely appreciated. We have currently run out however and so I am in the process of raiding the cooking chocolate stash.

Thank God I have no standards.



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